HP 35401 protocol extensions ?

From: Jarkko Teppo <jate_at_uwasa.fi>
Date: Thu Aug 3 06:18:18 2000

On Wed, Aug 02, 2000 at 08:13:07AM -0700, Frank McConnell wrote:
> Hmm, I wonder if that's what the CS/80 "Set Volume" command is for.
> The command is 0x40, with the volume number (0-7) or'd into the
> three least significant bits.

Hmm.. could be, I'll have to try it in the future. Actually I found
the same command from
#define C_SVOL(x) (0x40 | x)
The commands aren't commented at all in the code but I'll try
something. I'd sure love to get the CS/80 manuals:)

> You know with a hook like that I can't resist, right? I'm (or was,
> anyway, TWG is pretty much gone now) the last maintainer of WIN/TCP
> for the HP9000 series 500.
> How does the changer work from HP-UX on the 550? Can it be told to
> pick a specific cartridge, or does it just step through cartridges as
> each is unloaded? We didn't have a changer; well, we did, but it was
> either me or the guy who did the backups.

Hey! What a lucky coincidence! I'm having some problems with (presumably)
the telnet negotiation between the Wollongong client and NetBSD server.
They sort of get stuck in an infinite loop. But that's another story:)

It's a nice machine (I have two) and you have to love the fans on power-on
and the 32 serial ports. Finding *any* documentation is hmm.. *challenging*.

I don't know how the changer works, but here's a snippet from autobkup.1m

   Autobkup is an enhanced version of backup(1M) and supports
   tape autochangers such as the 35401. Autobkup executes
   a background process /etc/bkserver which intercepts and
   responds to tcio's prompts for a new special file name and
   allows the next tape in the magazine to be loaded automatically
   by the tape autochanger.

There's also a switch behind the 35401 and the labels were something
akin to selective and continuous (I really don't remember). Guess I
have some experimenting to do:)

Jarkko Teppo
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