ID an emulex Unibus board anyone?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Aug 3 12:15:12 2000

--- Bruce Lane <> wrote:
> At 16:47 02-08-2000 -0700, Chuck wrote:
> I've got three boards that are made by
> >Emulex, go in the Unibus and are marked CS2110203/H2B. There are two 50 pin
> >connectors on the top (channel 0-7, 8-15), an LED labelled "fault", and two
> <snip>
> Exactly right on your guess that they're comm controllers. The kicker is
> that, in order to function properly, I believe they require the specific
> Emulex distribution panel.

We used CS21s at Software Results. I have a quantity of them with random
numbers of busted ports. Depending on the PROMs installed in it, the
emulate DH-11s or DZ-11s (TTA0, TTB0, etc., or TXA0, TXB0, etc.) It is
possible that they have reused DEC's pinout for the DZ-11 patch panel, but
I do not know this for sure.

We never used their patch panels. One of our gurus divined the wiring
scheme, made a telco-50 pin swabber and plugged them into Nevada Western
RJ21 - octal RJ11 patch panels and boxes. We had patch panels grouped
by CPU and room. We would connect individual lines with RJ11 patch cables.
At the office end, there was a block of 8 RJ11 jacks that the user would
connect to VT100s at the desktop through a Nevada Western dongle (like
the ones that Rat-Shack currently sells).

I wired up one of these at my house - I have an RJ21 cable going from the
uVAXII and the 8300 in the basement to a 8-way block in the computer room
on the second floor. It's nice to have the option of hooking to various
machines without going downstairs to do it (we also had RJ11 switchboxes
for "power users" ;-)

Now... back to your dilemma... You will need a way to get the signals from
the Berg-50s on the CS21 to some sort of breakout board or cable. If all
I had was a board and a lot of time, I'd trace out one or two of the 2661
serial chips to the line drivers to establish where TxD and RxD (and ground!)
were on the Berg-50, then take a SCSI ribbon cable out to a prototype board
and wire up another 50-pin connector to a bunch of 2x5 .1" pin blocks set
up with the same configuration as modern PC serial ports (the cables are
easy to get and cheap). With that made, plug in DB9 or DB25 PC cables and
off you go.

I will attempt to find a CS21 manual, but I can't do it until the end of


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