Burning PROMs ....

From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Thu Aug 3 20:57:16 2000

I just finished putting together a Cisco CGS router (AT&T Starwan model
200 BRouter). I have a CSC4 which I'm in the process of upgrading from
9.21 to 11.0(22). I d/l'd the image from Cisco and I now need to burn
the single image into 8 EPROMs (which I have). I'll be using an S4 burner
but I think I'm going to need to split the files so I can drop the image
into the EPROMs. Anyone know of a good splitting routine? Remember that
the EPROMs are 8 bit and the code is 16 or 32 bit (68040).


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