pdp11/23+ backplaney

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 3 22:44:07 2000

> Jerome Fine replies:
> Nope! At least I am reasonable sure. But in looking for the item, the URL
> would not work the first time, so I did a search on PDP. This fellow is
> able to get $US18.00 so far for the PDP-11/73 control panel. Look at
> item: 398908711. The full URL is:
> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=398908711
> but for some reason, Netscape will not accept any characters in the URL
> after the "&" character. Can anyone help with that problem?
> Now, maybe I am a bit stupid, but I have a dozen of these floating around -
> does anyone else want to offer me $US18.00 for each one;-) (Is that the
> correct symbol?)

Gee, I only paid $17.50 for a PDP-11/20 panel about a week back. At $2
a pop for DEC bulbs, if only 9 of the bulbs work, the rest is just icing
on the cake...

-Lawrence LeMay
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