Great Finds this past week and a half

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Aug 6 13:12:52 2000

First got a call from a gentleman in Ohio that he had a model 4 TRS 80
he wanted to give me along with some other items after he read the
article about me collecting in his local paper there. The machine and
other items were here MN with his son. After phone contact with the son
I went over to the house and picked up the stuff. It was great a
working 64k model 4 with 2 FD that both read fine and tons of business
software and games, with some the highlights being Sublogic Flight
Simulator, Paddle Pinball, TRSDOS Ver6, Viscalc Ver 02.09.02, LS.Dos
upgrade kit to 6.3, pfs:file and report in boxes, TRS-80 Renum Line
program, TRSCROSS a utility for IBM PC that reads and writes specific
TRS-80 formats, QuikPro + II Automatic program writer, and many more
titles on both 51/4 FD (over 55+) and cassettes (over 50+). There were
over 20+ manuals with this lot and some them are really cool, like the
TRS-80 Pocket Handbook by William Barden Jr. great read. Also got a
working DMP100 printer and a VS100 Voice Synthesizer with manual and box
it came in when purchased. This unit works with the Model 1, III, and 4.
All together the amount of items given to me filled four notebook pages
listing the items and sn, pn and other information about each. Other
items from this week:

1. Over 20 mousepads and mice for the collection, one mouse I had not
seen before was a commodore C04140 date 08/90 has a unusual shape to it.
2. Dynatech Codewriter for the Commodore64.
3. Half a dozen computer buttons for the collection, from intel,
drafix, creative lab, and microsoft.
4. Some cartridges for the Atari 2600
5. Some old Burroughs and Sperry notebooks full various spec's
6. Mits 4.1 Boot Loader cassette tape - New unopened
7. Over 25 books to add to the library
8. Apple PowerBooks 100 that needs a little body work but powers up
fine and came with tons of extras like ext 3.5 FDD, SCSI cable, leather
carrying case, manuals and more.
9. Amiga OS 3.1 in the box with diskettes and manuals but missing the
10. Amiga Dos 1.3 in the box complete with manuals.
11. Sun SPACStation 1 model 147 ServCode 4/60 loaded but does not seem
to work, I get nothing on the screen when unit is turned on but the fan
12. Tons of cables to sort out and label.
13. SuperGraphix by Xetec mounted on wooden block
14. Epyx Fast Loader for C64
16. Amstrad PPC640 complete and working fine.
17. Many more that I can not list that are 7 to 4 years old.

Keep on computing
John Keys
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