3 Days in San Jose, hits/pits

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Mon Aug 7 09:10:15 2000

At 23:19 06-08-2000 -0800, Mike Ford wrote:

>ES Electronic Solutions on Brokaw, not too exciting. Too well organized
>(shelves of cardboard bins with contents marked) and fully retail priced
>stuff. I bought a few coax crimp connectors from the clearance bin, and


        Huh? Excess Solutions is one of the best possible places for small parts
and oddities like rack slides. I've shopped at them frequently, and would
not call many of their prices anywhere near "fully retail."

        I'm sorry you didn't find them that helpful.

>enough new stuff to keep people coming in. I found a box of Apple II/PC
>joysticks and bought all the A2 compatible ones, but mostly it was like the
>first place.

        There I will agree. His test gear prices are, for the most part, way too

>RA, on Walsh east of Layfette. Nice BIG warehouse of junk electronics, but
>computer stuff was just incidental. I found a box of junk connectix


        RA is mainly industrial stuff. I got a good deal on a pair of HP power
supplies when I was there in July, but they've been (unfortunately)
thoroughly contaminated by E-pay for the most part. They have a guy who
cherry-picks through their test gear, and weeds out the better stuff for

>HSC, off the central expressway, no idea how I got to it. Very much like
>the first two places, too tidy, too retail. This isn't really that bad, I


>nothing got me excited during the visit. Some prices were comically high,
>but some were OK if you needed the item. Big collection of data books to

        <schlorp again>

        You must have spotted the same stripped-down/overpriced Compaq servers
that I saw. ;-)

        HSC has a horrid habit of senseless cherry-picking, and those servers were
a great example. The morons in the warehouse stripped out the CPU boards,
bagged 'em, and (over)priced them separately from the already-overpriced

        As for their test gear, don't even get me started. Do you know they've had
much of the same stuff in their as-is test gear section for at least three,
maybe as long as four years, all because they just won't lower the prices?
        As for gas, food, and hotel rates, I'm a little surprised. Gas should have
come down a bit by now. Food's always been expensive. I'm stunned that any
Holiday Inn would be able to get that kind of rate for any sort of room.
I'm deeply grateful that I have relatives to stay with during my scrounge

        I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to go farther north, up into San
Leandro, and visit Quinn Electronics. They're still very much a surplus
store in the truest sense of the word. Gather a pile, bring it up front,
and haggle on a price.

        I do hope your trip held enough hits to make it worth running over the
pits. ;-)

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