Apple IIc+ boot disk for DOS3.3

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 12:33:06 2000

> > Thats an easy one, none of the mac monitors work on the II series. A
> > TV monitor can be used, or a regular TV if you have a modulator.
> > There was also a Apple Color RGB monitor that worked specifically
> > with the Apple IIgs and I think the IIc/c+.
> Naturally, I use a Commodore monitor with mine if an Apple one isn't
> available. The Commodore 1702 is the world's hardiest monitor, and the
> 1084 the most versatile.
 You gotta love those Commodore monitors. I have 2 1702s , 2
different model 1802s and a 2002. Unfortunately no 1084 or more
desireably a 1084S. I use mine for most of my different home
system needs and with a VCR they make a nice TV.
 Why do you consider the 1084 the most versatile ? I had
thought they could only be used on an Amiga.
 My 2002 has the Video-Chroma-Audio RCA jacks and
9pin RGB inputs. It also has a digital Pos-Neg and analogue
switch. What was the dig.-neg. position used on ?
ciao larry
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