Apple IIc (not IIC+) details

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 17:08:41 2000

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> > While there seems to be a fair amount of information about the older
> > simply, to bringing out the CPU's signals, it would be useful to have
> > information.
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> > Any suggestions?
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> > Dick
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> sounds like what you really want is a laser128. it's 99% apple compatible
(the 1% was the apple version of aol which wouldnt connect right) and it
also has an i/o connector on the left side which is really just a regular
old slot mapped to slot5 IIRC. I ran a disk ][ controller off there for a
total of 3 drives. any other card *should* work in the slot also.
Well, NO! That's not what I want.

The point is to do something useful with THIS Apple IIc. Though I've often
put down the post-][+ products from Apple, the IIc seems to have some
potential. I've never seen any useful work (control, telemetry monitoring,
etc, ) done with a late-generation apple product except when it's done with
an external intelligence without which it could easily be done, leaving the
Apple product out completely. I suppose it's happened, but I've never seen
it done. That's probably in part because the Apple folks keep too many
secrets, and in part because if one needed to do useful work, one would use
a PC, which has screws and an easily removable cover.

The thing that's interesting, as I've only lately discovered, about the IIc
is that it's complete and has a place where you can snag power for use
outside, though it's intended for a drive of some sort. It does have
bipolar 12 volts and positive 5, which is adequate for most anything. That
would demand only that one build a connector/cable assembly or two and a box
to house the application hardware.
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