Commodore monitors (was: Re: Apple IIc+ boot disk for DOS3.3

From: Louis Schulman <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 17:24:39 2000

On Mon, 7 Aug 2000 13:23:17 -0500 (CDT), Charles P. Hobbs
(SoCalTip) wrote:

>On Mon, 7 Aug 2000, Lawrence Walker wrote:
>> Why do you consider the 1084 the most versatile ? I had
>> thought they could only be used on an Amiga.
>No, they have composite input and can accept PC graphics
>(the one that uses 9-pins...CGA definitely, EGA as well???)
>Definitely not VGA, though, that used 15 pins and a different
>sync rate that the 1084 cannot handle.
CGA definitely, which is digital RGB. They are also great
monitors for the Color Computer 3, which uses analog RGB.
This is also used on the Apple IIGS. They are also popular
with video gamers. They always bring a good price on eBay.

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