Great Finds this past week and a half

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 18:08:37 2000

Believe it or not my name was picked from the CC rescue list by a local
reporter because I gave the most information on how to contact me. Since
the article he did here in the St. Paul Pioneer Press it as been in all
the Knight owned papers around the world.
John Keys
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> John didst scribe:
> > First got a call from a gentleman in Ohio that he had a model 4 TRS
> > he wanted to give me along with some other items after he read the
> > article about me collecting in his local paper there. The machine
> > other items were here MN with his son. After phone contact
> > with the son
> How did you manage to get in the local paper? That's a great form of
> advertising....
> Things I picked up this weekend:
> Adman Grandstand 5000 Pong, boxed
> Adman Grandstand SD070 cart pong, boxed
> Adman Grandstand VEC (aka Fairchild Channel F II), boxed
> Micro Genius IQ501 (Super Famicom clone), boxed
> 2 boxed Atari 2600jrs, with a shedload of games
> Boxed Grandstand Astro Wars tabletop
> half a dozen Vic-20 carts
> Issue 2 Spectrum in DK'Tronics keyboard enclosure
> Not bad for ukp25!
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