SAIC RSC-1x (MOCC) Portable Workstation

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Aug 7 19:14:12 2000

At 15:46 07-08-2000 -0500, Tom Owad wrote:


>a LAMBDA, 24VDC, 10.5 A. I don't have a military connector, so I've been
>sticking the wires onto the pins. I managed to get the system to power on.

        Tom, I'm a reseller for mil-spec connectors. From the pictures you took, I
think I recognize the power connector it's using. If it's what I think it
is, you're lucky in that it's a very common (and inexpensive) item.

        If you can provide me with some numbers from the connector itself (look on
the shell and the insert -- the insert will likely have '14-3' or some such
thing on it), I can quote you a mating plug for it so you can keep it in
original condition.

        I speak IPC/IPX. If you still have questions after getting this (I suspect
others may have already responded to you), just ask. I'll answer if I can.

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