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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Aug 8 06:46:57 2000

Cute article on /.

Enigma-like Device Patent Granted - 67 Years Later

Encryption | Posted by Hemos on Monday August 07, _at_04:31PM
from the pretty-cool dept.
Thanks to Bruce Schneier[?] of Counterpane fame for sending in
this tidbit. The US Patent Office has granted William Friedman
a patent for an Engima-like device - the catch is that he filed
in 1933. Still it's a cool vintage piece of crypto - and I also
noticed that a gallery copy of Bruce's new book is on eBay.

'Course, you could wait just a few weeks and buy a new one, but
hey - if you gotta have it now, you gotta have it.




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