PDP 11-23 questions

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Date: Tue Aug 8 17:45:12 2000

From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
To: classic <classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Tuesday, August 08, 2000 6:22 PM
Subject: PDP 11-23 questions

>I've found a PDP 11-23 computer oand I haven't the foggiest idea
>about it. What should I look for?
>Claims to have:
>M8044 DB
>M8044 DB

Two 32KW memories, second rev 32kw, no parity. You can have
more of those up to 128KW (256KB)


11/23 KDF11A cpu if the handle has a C melted into it anywhere it's Q22
otherwise Q18 (assuming the second chip is there, the MMU).


RLV11 set, used for RL01 or RL02 removeable 14" 10mb disk.

RQDX21 interface for RX02. the is an interface you need the
RX02 for a complete floppy system.

>M8012 YA

diagnostic/Boot/terminator card, a must have with M8186
as the CPU has NO boot (it does have microODT).

there is a field guide for PDP11s! Also there is no serial IO
that you have listed. Typically a M8043 (DLV11J 4 port serial)
or a M8017 maybe an old M7940 both similar DLV11 type
single serial ports.

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