PDP 11-23 questions

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Date: Wed Aug 9 05:42:56 2000

>> There's a binary V6 system in the PUPS Unix archives that will run on a 11/23
>> with 64K and attached RL02 drives. I rescued it from a pile at a UBC SERF sale
>> about 4 years ago.
>> Note that the "Standard" V6 system doesn't support RL02's; the exact
>> lineage of this find hasn't been completely researched yet - and it may
>> never be, as the sources haven't been found.

>I might be able to help you a little bit on this. In the late 1970s
>and early 1980s a number of Canadian universities built V6 systems
>for PDP 11/23 based systems. These systems were relatively cheap
>and were great for teaching and some research. At the University of
>Toronto we build at least three systems for the undergraduate
>database course, and when I moved to McMaster University I built two
>for project courses. With some modifications to the kernel an 11/23
>could support 6 or 7 students working on programming projects.
>I suspect the UBC system that you picked up served a similar purpose.

Any idea who might have a copy of the modifications to the V6 source to
support RL02's? It'd be wonderful to put that into the PUPS archive.

This particular V6 system is indeed a very nice environment for someone
with a "small" 11/23 and RL02 drives.

That particular 11/23 system from UBC was used in the biology department,
judging by the non-system files found on the "user" disk.

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