PDP 11-23 questions

From: Will Jennings <xds_sigma7_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed Aug 9 09:38:50 2000

Heh, PDP-11's are *light*... the last computer I had shipped to me, which
was only the CPU, disk controller, and hard drive, along with a terminal, a
graphics interface box, 2 terminal controllers and a rack of manuals weighed
in at 5700 pounds... The trick with shipping big stuff is to get it from big
companies, and then instead of choosing the shipper yourself, you ask them
who they use most, and have them coordinate it in-house... It's truly
disgusting how much of a break the big shippers get versus a single-time
shipment from somewhere... As an example, the 5700lbs of stuff cost me
$801.80 to ship, whereas my Burroughs B80, which they said weighs 800lbs
(yeah right!), they rated it as if it weighed 1000lbs, and for that single
machine it cost $817.07 or so... The rate on the 5700lbs was like 31 bucks a
mile and the other one was 81 a mile, but since the 5700lbs was shipped by a
major user of the carrier, I got like a $1500 "Incentive" i.e. discount...
Talk about highway robbery!

Will J
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