Monitors that are keepers?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Aug 9 19:21:48 2000

Which monitors are the ones to look for and keep?

Yesterday I was looking at an old 20" NEC Multisync, I think the model was
JC20 something, and I ended up leaving it behind (ran out of time, didn't
know if it was a "good" monitor, or even worked). It "looked" neat, but old.

Monitors, especially the big ones take up HUGE amounts of storage, don't
stack well, and break easily if dropped. I have less than 20 right now, but
they are still one of the first items I look to when I want some space.

What are some of the good monitors to keep? (repeating myself I know)

Right now I have

(3) 2086A3SG Silicon Graphics monitors
(2) HP 1097C
1 20" RasterOPs
1 Viking Moniterm monochrome two page
1 Sigma Design high res gray scale (lab view I think, 1600x1200).
1 Radius TPD
(3) Radius Color Pivots
(3) Radius B&W pivots
1 CTX 1765 color
1 Optiquest Q73 17" color
(8) Apple 13 RGB high res
half a dozen various small monochrome and NTSC
1 Sony 1304
1 Atari something

Pretty obviously this is too many, and the list doesn't include all in one
systems or a couple DEC VT420 terminals I just added. Many of them are in
limbo, where I haven't gotten them to work yet, but I "think" they are OK,
which isn't quite good enough to sell them or use them.

I want to have monitors for everything I have to play with, which includes
an IBM 5150 and a HP 735/50, but have pretty much decided I am NOT going to
start collecting Commodore or Atari (very much, maybe an Amiga and
something like a 1200XL). Suggestions?
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