M8207 anyone?

From: Daniel T. Burrows <dburrows_at_netpath.net>
Date: Wed Aug 9 20:21:01 2000

Subject: Re: M8207 anyone?

><snip>That would give me 100 MB of removable storage, on a PDP-11 that
>would be like heaven.<snip> Err.. wouldn't it be more like, on a PDP-11
>would be like 1/2 of an RA60? Heh..
>Will J

My archive RSX11M+ system currently has 2) 9Gb and 1) 3 Gb drives on it.
Along with the 1GB boot, a CDROM and a ZIP. RZ25's get swapped more often
than the ZIP gets used now however.

It also has a quad density 9 track, TZ30, and a 4mm for tapes.
The only DEC item in it are grant cards and a DELQA

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