Monitors that are keepers?

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Wed Aug 9 23:04:34 2000

I don't believe there are any old NEC 20" monitors. There are some
relatively old 19" models, but the 20's are, IIRC, all post 1990. They are
in all cases WAY better than any that DEC ever used, with the exception of
those cases in which they oem'd the SONY GDM 1950. Just as with their
rotating memories, DEC tended to use technology that was obsolete because
they could get it for cheap.

If you want to save space, why would you even look at a big monitor?

The 20" Raster Ops is likley a SONY GDM 1950. If you have an application
into which that fits, it's probably worth keeping, since it's a top quality
monitor. If you're still young enough to read text presented on the almost
14" screen of the SONY 1304, it's probably worth using. If you don't have a
use, however, there's no point in keeping any of them. CTX and Optiquest
are low-end products, though they may work OK.

I'd give some serious thought to dumpstering all the ones you don't know
you'll need before it becomes illegal to do that. There are places already
charging $$$ to dispose of CRT's PCB's (not the chemicals ... the boards)
and stuff like that.


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Subject: Monitors that are keepers?

> Which monitors are the ones to look for and keep?
> Yesterday I was looking at an old 20" NEC Multisync, I think the model was
> JC20 something, and I ended up leaving it behind (ran out of time, didn't
> know if it was a "good" monitor, or even worked). It "looked" neat, but
> Monitors, especially the big ones take up HUGE amounts of storage, don't
> stack well, and break easily if dropped. I have less than 20 right now,
> they are still one of the first items I look to when I want some space.
> What are some of the good monitors to keep? (repeating myself I know)
> Right now I have
> (3) 2086A3SG Silicon Graphics monitors
> (2) HP 1097C
> 1 20" RasterOPs
> 1 Viking Moniterm monochrome two page
> 1 Sigma Design high res gray scale (lab view I think, 1600x1200).
> 1 Radius TPD
> (3) Radius Color Pivots
> (3) Radius B&W pivots
> 1 CTX 1765 color
> 1 Optiquest Q73 17" color
> (8) Apple 13 RGB high res
> half a dozen various small monochrome and NTSC
> 1 Sony 1304
> 1 Atari something
> Pretty obviously this is too many, and the list doesn't include all in one
> systems or a couple DEC VT420 terminals I just added. Many of them are in
> limbo, where I haven't gotten them to work yet, but I "think" they are OK,
> which isn't quite good enough to sell them or use them.
> I want to have monitors for everything I have to play with, which includes
> an IBM 5150 and a HP 735/50, but have pretty much decided I am NOT going
> start collecting Commodore or Atari (very much, maybe an Amiga and
> something like a 1200XL). Suggestions?
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