From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Thu Aug 10 11:36:22 2000

"Richard Erlacher" <> wrote:
> A plug in module for PALASM? What would give you that idea? I've seen only
> one place on a model 29 for anything to plug in, and that's the programming
> site. (there are several different ones)

Yes. There's a plug-in adapter called a LogicPak, and that can take a
PALASM Design Adapter, an H&L Design Adapter, or one of several
programming/test adapters. I've got some of these (PALASM and a
couple of p/t adapters) as well as manuals but haven't used them.

With the PALASM Design Adapter you can apparently send the programmer
your logic equations and have it generate the fuse map and test
vectors. Then I guess you plug in one of the p/t adapters to program
the actual device because the PALASM Design Adapter doesn't have a
socket on top. Like I said, I haven't actually used this, and barely
cracked the manuals -- it was gradually tossed by a previous employer
and at a price of $0 I figured it would make a useful [[E]P]ROM reader
and programmer.

Which is sort of what I've been doing with it lately -- writing a
Tcl/Expect script to control the 29A w/UniPak 2 and read data from
ROMs. It's not what I'd call baked yet (all it does is read a 27512),
but I'll post a note when it's a bit more complete.

-Frank McConnell
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