Morrow MD2 FS at Seattle store

From: Ernest <>
Date: Thu Aug 10 22:40:51 2000


There's a very nice Morrow MD2 available at REPC in Seattle if anyone is
interested. It has a Qume terminal, full set of system disk masters, full
set of user manuals for each program, the "correct" printer and terminal
cables... I fired it up and it seems to work OK but some of the keys seem to
be a little sticky.

He didn't have price on it yet since they just got it. I guess that someone
just dropped it off for scrap.

If you're interested, go check it out and make them an offer.

Oh, it also has the cool Shugart floppy drives, instead of those crappy half
height types. It also doesn't have that ugly yellow color like my MD3. It's
still original creamy white.

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