Omnibus boards

From: Daniel T. Burrows <>
Date: Fri Aug 11 18:17:02 2000

I have a fair # of the docs for these. I won't have the time to dig them
out until late next week however. If you will remind me off list toward the
end of next week and forward your add I will dig them out and drop them in
UPS to you. All I ask is please make copies and return them sometime within
a month or so.

>The remaining boards are from VG Data Systems. Someone here once mentioned
>they had information about some of these boards, and i'd like to know
>if any of these boards might be useful, or easily modified to be
>PB-8E-202 on a standard DEC wirewrap board, should be able to make
> something out of it.
>PB-8E-504 2 of this board
>PB-8E-644 input connector has written: works as MS30, PDP8 [C:]
>-Lawrence LeMay
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