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From: Fritz Chwolka <>
Date: Sun Aug 13 12:45:06 2000

At the weekend I got a MicroVax 3300 and a VaxStation II.

Badly the keyboard and monitor are lost but I believe a DEC Rainbow100 is a good terminal .
Or - I use OS/2 with a lot of comports- is there a terminalprogramm for os/2 with a good VT100 emulation ?

So I'll try to give the a new live but with VMS I believe I have no understood.
There is no diskdrive connected to the 2 vaxes but I have a lot of tapes, all (It looks so because there are so
much) manuals and some cd's.

I must look what I got and make a survey . First I make a hardware summary looking what modules , drives
and ports are there.

If someone can give me a shoot where to start I will be glad .

Fritz Chwolka
/collecting old computers just for fun\
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