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Date: Mon Aug 14 12:17:38 2000

Jim Oaks wrote:

> Hello everyone, id like to announce a new project im starting, The
> ClassicMag project. The goal of this project is to preserve classic
> computing and gaming magazines for extinction. Most of us classic collectors
> love to have magazines for the systems we collect as, in the past the
> provided an immense resource for reviews, news, insights and programs. The
> goal of this project will be to preserve old out of print magazine issues in
> a PDF format. These will be scanned complete issues with advertisements let

Worthwhile project! I have several boxes of mags lying around at home. At
present I have no access to a scanner, but I'll send them to you if you want the
task. Off the top of my head:

Microcomputer Printout, 1980 until bought by Computnig Toady (as they had
previously called it!)

PC Magazine - about three years in the mid '80s

Computer and Video Games - The year I won a free subscription. Probably

Some Acorn specific ones that I haven't sorted.

Let me know if you're interested, and I can see exactly what I have.

> in, as they are as interesting and have just as much nostalgia value. Our

I agree totally. Unfortunately you lose this if you get electronic copies of
articles from contributors, as someone suggested.

> web site is currently up at there's not a lot

I'm still getting Hostname Unknown, I'm afraid. I'll try again another day...

> small list of magazines on the site now for some different systems, if you
> know of any I don't have listed please email with the details. I want this

Are you grouping by system covered? Could be difficult - Microcomputer Printout
started as PET only, and went through Commie only to practically everything in
the space of a few years.

> before 1995. I don't want to run into a lot of copyright issues. As always
> if a mag is on our site and the publisher, if there still around, wishes it
> not be there we will take it down, but hope they consider this project
> worthwhile and let us keep them there.

I really do think you ought to ask publishers' permission _first_. To say that
you will remove anything on encountering objections is all very well, but
probably won't satisfy the lawyers!


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