[OT] Power and NIC questions

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Mon Aug 14 14:21:44 2000

I agree completely. It's funny how often we see this sort of thing done,
though inadvertently. The argument I frequently hear is, "well, I hook up
the 5-volt supply to my welder (at 5 volts, of course) and it won't hurt
what is supposed to operate at 5 volts . . .

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> I would never recomend passing a high current through a possible short to
> clear it. You might well do a lot more damage, especially if the short is
> not the 'weak link'...
> Similarly the old electrician's 'trick' of shorting out a blown fuse and
> seeing what smokes is a very bad idea. That which smokes is most probably
> not the original cause of the problem, but it is now damaged and will
> need to be replaced, along with the (still unknown) original defective
> -tony
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