Sad auction story [exidy sorcerer]

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Tue Aug 15 12:18:29 2000

Hello Sellam

On 15-Aug-00, you wrote:

> On Mon, 14 Aug 2000, Chuck McManis wrote:
>> Except that it wasn't ebay, it was Yahoo.
>> Nope, this is fraud plain and simple. What was sold was an electronic
>> "prop" used in furniture stores to highlight how a piece of furniture
>> look at home. I've seen a variety of things from color TVs to Amiga's
>> up this way. Usually on the bottom is the sticker from the company
>> (Proptronics usually, but there are others) that created it. Some of
>> more interesting ones are color TVs with a color picture in the "tube"
>> a light bulb behind it. The boring ones are all cardboard.
>> If I were you I'd contact the seller and ask for a refund.
> I agree with Chuck here. You were out & out defrauded. Luckily for you,
> you're within beating distance of this guy. Ideally you're in the same
> county, and you can threaten him with a complaint to the District Attorney
> (in the States, he's the top prosecutor for the county one lives
> don't generally have THE D.A. prosecute your case (unless he/she wants to
> set an example with your case) but your complaint is referred to the
> D.A.'s office for follow-up by one of the prosecutors there...anyway,
> enough of American Gubment 101).
> If he refuses to follow through with the refund, file the complaint. As
> Chuck suggests, you can also file a claim with the Post Office which will
> follow up on this.
> Jim, don't settle for anything less here. You were defrauded by this
> person, whether it was intentional on his part or not. $200+ is way too
> much money to be spent on a piece of plywood. Get your money back.

Yes that is a bit much for plywood, unless you're getting it at a home
improvement warehouse . . . .

Caveat Emptor . . . .

I prefer seeing the item before buying it, so I limit my activities to
hamfest and somputer swap meets. And then I assume all items non-working
unless proven otherwise.

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