Sad auction story [exidy sorcerer]

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Tue Aug 15 12:26:45 2000

At 08:56 AM 8/15/00 -0700, Sellam wrote:
>However, I think what's more important here is the threat of taking these
>actions. The seller will hopefully realize that Jim genuinely feels he's
>been defrauded/misrepresented and might volunteer to repay the money
>rather than go through all the hassle.

This is always the key point. Talk to the seller and explain that what he
sold you was not a computer, it was a prop. And therefore you don't think
it is worth $200+.

If the seller has *any* integrity at all, he will immediately offer to
refund your money. If he doesn't then that is clue #1. If you are at step 2
(he hasn't offered yet) and you tell him that you believe he misrepresented
the goods and you would like your money back. (except postage of course, he
is really out the cost of postage) and he refuses _again_, then you are
probably ok in suspecting he knew all along that it wasn't a computer. Now,
you need to talk about suing him for the $205 + expenses to collect it.

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