Sad auction story [exidy sorcerer]

From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Aug 16 08:49:46 2000

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Passer, Michael wrote:

> I would have been fooled by this picture too--but what you
> bought may well be valuable as an advertising mockup. I think
> there would be some poetic justice if (after trying all
> the remedies available to you) you sold it on eBay
> as what it was and doubled your money--and made sure the
> seller knew!

I like the "Make lemonaide if you get lemons" philosophy of life but this
idea that perhaps it was an advertising mock up worth n times more than
what he paid is silly. I know you're all just trying to make Jim feel
better but the fact remains that he was screwed.

Why would a piece of plywood be inside? To make it weigh the same as a
real Sorcerer? Pure speculation but maybe the stupid seller was duped
into buying this a time ago at a flea market, and now feels justified in
scamming the next guy?

Actually, the first thought I had is that the plywood was used as a
mounting surface for the motherboard, but why would it need that when the
case was designed for that purpose?

Jim, I'd say to turn the pressure up on this guy, claim that HE put the
plywood inside to make it weigh the same as a regular Sorcerer. It's not
an unreasonable claim to make and will put his ass on the hotseat.

The nerve of some people.

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