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Date: Wed Aug 16 22:08:21 2000

On Wed, 16 Aug 2000 Glenatacme_at_aol.com wrote:

> I made a few phone calls today. I live in Orlando FL so I'll assume the
> "system" here is a typical one. Those living in rural areas or smaller
> cities might find that they can get better results due to smaller caseloads.

What goes in Orlando, FL, is certainly not indicative of what may go on in
other parts of the country. Priorities may be different, and caseloads
may be far less than in Orlando (which is one of the U.S.A's dens of
iniquity :) (just joking, Orlando is a fine city.)

> The State Attorney's office (that's what they call them here, in most places
> it's District Atty.) actively discouraged me from filing a complaint when I
> called pretending to be the victim in this scenario. Reasons: small $$$
> amount, giant backlog of cases.

Again, where Jim lives may be entirely different. The D.A. may have a
wild hair up his/her ass about mail fraud and may want to prosecute this.
Or they may believe, as should be the case everywhere, that people are
entitled to due process and the service of their public servants.

> The County Clerk of Courts also made it clear that filing a civil suit in
> Small Claims would be a waste of time and money. The filing charge here is
> $100, and a $200 suit will be referred to arbitration, and will take a year
> or two just to make it to court, if it ever does.

And the losing party pays the legal bills generally (in effect you also
sue for court costs). And again, this is entirely specific to the bylaws
of Orlando, FL.

> The Economic Crimes Unit of the Sheriff's Office said they are so inundated
> with bad checks that they won't even prosecute a bad check if it's less than
> $150, and since they don't know a computer from a compost heap, they wouldn't
> touch this one.

...in Orlando, FL.

> The USPS rep I spoke with was sympathetic but said that they don't go after
> one-hit crooks. If 100 people complained about this guy then that might get
> their attention.

Ok, so the USPS is a bust. Screw them. Their service sucks anyway.

> So, it's on you. If it were me I wound hound this guy until he gave me back
> my $$$ just to get rid of me. If that didn't work I would make sure that I
> got $200 worth of satisfaction out of him, one way or another.

I've got a wonderful bag of tricks. E-mail me off-list.

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