SCSI 9-trackers available

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Aug 17 01:21:13 2000

        I've just put up two SCSI 9-track tape drives (front autoloaders) on
Haggle under 'Drives.' The first one is a SCSI-SE M4 Data 9914 at:

        The second is a SCSI-DIFF interface HP 88780 (Tandem 5190 badged) at:

        The 9914 is known to be working, if a bit dinged cosmetically. The 88780
is unknown condition at this time, but it was pulled out of a working
system. I may be able to do a basic power-on test for it in the near future.

        FWIW, the M4 drive is still a current/supported product. The 88780 may or
may not be.

        I'm -really- reluctant to ship these because of size/weight. With either
unit, you'd be looking at shipping costs of around $170 ($100 for a custom
box, another $70 or so for ground shipping and insurance).

        So, unless you're not local to the area and are REALLY desperate for a
SCSI 9-tracker, I'd prefer local pickup. Thanks much.

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