Compaq sets final order dates for VAXen.

From: NetBSD Bob <>
Date: Thu Aug 17 09:22:31 2000

> > VAX 4000, MicroVAX 3100, and all associated options are being retired.
> > Final order date is September 30,2000.
> > The last ship date will be Dec 31,2000.
> >
> >
> >
> > The VAX is dead. Long Live the VAX!
> Nah, it will live on for a long time.... But, for the sake of discussion,
> would this free up machines for us to play with? I would expect that once
> it is officially dropped, folks will be avoiding them like the plague.
> Mebbie that will free some up from the cloistered shadows for NetBSD use?

For the sake of discussion, and preservation.... anyone at Compaq have any
spare hardware manuals that they could make available or add to what already
exists, online here and there? Hardware manuals are always what I never
seem to be able to find. Collectively, we should gather the info up,
before it becomes vaporware unobtainium.
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