Fun find - Northern Telecom Displayphone

From: Kevin Stumpf/Nostalgic Technophile/Unusual Systems <>
Date: Thu Aug 17 21:00:34 2000

As I remember the Displayphone it was designed for the hurried executive who
needed both dumb/text terminal access to the corporate information system
and a telephone on his or her desk, but couldn't afford to have both so
voila le Displayphone.

There was also a second model called the Displayphone 2000 although one
can't easily tell the difference by an exterior examination.

Yours in good faith.

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Subject: Fun find - Northern Telecom Displayphone

> Found something cool in the thrift shop that I've never seen before - a
> Northern Telecom Displayphone (model NT6K00AM), ca. 1984.
> It seems to be an early attempt at computer/telephone integration -
> basically a data terminal integrated with a telephone. There's a very
> legible screen, a full keyboard that hides in the main unit, and really
> touch-sensitive controls for the phone functions. On the back are an
> port and a parallel port.
> Can anybody tell me more about this system, and how they were used? A
> Web-search using several engines and a dejanews search yielded nothing
> useful. The Nortel Website doesn't even admit this phone ever existed.
> Cheers,
> Mark Gregory
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