sad auction story AND On being ripped off AND sad auction story #2

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Thu Aug 17 23:57:49 2000

At 07:55 PM 8/17/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Interestingly enough I was one of the bidders for the Sorcerer who lost out
>to Jim (I was on vacation and didn't have my "regular" access to eBay,
>etc.), so there but for the grace of God go I.... (and I only lost out by a
>few bucks, too!)

My bid was $256, I think. But due to the proxy bid scheme, it only
looks like you lost by $5.

[ Bob's own sorry tale elided ... ]

In the words of a great philosopher :-), I feel your pain.

Shouldn't paypal be able to tell you what address they sent
the money to? Start praying that it isn't a P.O. box.

Jim Battle ==
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