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Date: Sun Aug 20 20:21:41 2000

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> On Sun, 20 Aug 2000, Bill Dawson wrote:
> > Early 128K IBM PS/1 with 5.25" floppy drive and PS/1 power cube, PS1
> > keyboard (not chicklets), separate PS/1 color monitor, 2 PS/1 joysticks,
> > and a large box of IBM software (games and educational) in the IBM
> I always wondered what era the IBM PS/1 is from? I've seen PS/1 machines
> but they look 90s. And I never heard of them before the PS/2, although it
> would seem logical that the PS/1 came first. What's the deal?
> Sellam

PS/1s were made from 1990 to 1994. they were consumer models and used
everything between 286-10 to 486-66 cpus. PS/2s were commerical desktop
machines. Most people recognize the PS/1 as one of the first three models
that used 286/386 cpus. they were a proprietary design with small cases and
matching monitors. later models were standard LPX designs with power
management. very simple and easy to fix. I've two early PS/1s in my

david, former PS/1 and Aptiva technical support

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