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Date: Mon Aug 21 05:25:27 2000

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Bruce wrote:

> At 07:30 21-08-2000 -0500, Francois wrote:
> >Not ten year old yet but urgent...
> >Seens like Apple is actively trying to eradicate the powerbooks 5300 and
> >190.
> >The article at:
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> So, in essence, they're trying desperately to weasel out of fixing units
> that were defective from their plant to begin with.
> How incredibly cheesy. This -really- makes me want to buy something from
> Apple... NOT!

Pray and tell, us what make this 190 and 5300 so bad or so good that
apple don't want them exist? This is list, we need "inside
infomation" kind. Hint!

On other hand, I find 190 nice when it work but I find internal
design assembly and cooling less than desired due to too many
cost cutting. Broken mouse button, no screw mounting for memory
expansion and tend to pop back out by the bowed RF shielding the
PCMCIA. Only 2 screws total holding down whole display to the
bottom. Plastic breaking all over iside including those mouse
assembly and screw holes broken out (bottom 3 that holds keyboard
in). Excessive use of wood type screws (w/ steep thread 1 rev per
2mm) intead of machine screws in metal sleeves or metal parts. What

Listed of these faults, I fixed most of them except those 2 of 3
broken out screws holes.

I knew apple policies with broken parts, they grind them up no matter
what vintage or recent ones because they can afford to because we pay
apple too much. I don't appreciate apple's attitudes on this
because forces us to pay for new parts or new machine. No diferent
than M$ telling us to buy new machines to get real version not
upgrade junk that preevishly wants legal copy of previous OSes before
proceeding. end rant.

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