VCF Requests

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Aug 21 15:12:44 2000

Well, mostly what I am looking for is documentation for S-100 stuff. I have
a number of things I am willing to trade:

*RARE* Apple IIe w/ Kensington Fan
*RARE* Apple II+ w/ Kensington Fan
*RARE* Commodore 64 in the box
*RARE*? Wang Tower (don't recall model #, and didn't find ebay listing so I
am just assuming it is *RARE* :).)

For those that question my use of *RARE*, obviously you have not been
visiting the ebay listings and I strongly suggest you do to find out that
these systems are truly *RARE* :).

Along the lines of docs, I have quite a bit of Polymorphic Documentation,
and while I won't sell the originals (they look to be the originals used to
make copies for distribution), copies are no problem. Just let me know what
you are looking for in plenty of time for me to check and make copies. I
will use Kinko's to do the copies.

I also have quite a bit in the way of Vector Graphic Documentation including
system disks. Most of the docs look like Xerox copies in Vector binders.

I also have probably about 100 Polymorphic S-100 cards including the CPU,
Floppy Disk Card, and Video Card. Most look like they have been partially
assembled and most likely would be for someone who knows how to work and
troubleshoot S-100 systems. I can also provide a manual with them.

Lots of other stuff, but this will do for starters.
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