Original Apple II (not + or e or other)

From: Bill Dawson <whdawson_at_mlynk.com>
Date: Mon Aug 21 16:53:24 2000

-> What would you consider an original Apple II (not the II+ or IIe) to
-> be worth? I received one and I'm going to cover their shipping cost
-> but want to give a little something extra for the system. Got a
-> bunch of original doc, software, cards etc. with it. The only minus
-> is the original boot rom was exchanged with an auto-start rom. But
-> I have an original rom which was swapped with the auto-start rom
-> in an Apple II+ so I can make it whole again. :-)
-> Any comments on value?

Depends on how original. The earliest ]['s did not have vent slots in
the housing, are extremely rare, and can sell for over $1000.00 on eBay.
If it has the slots, eBay prices are now in the $200 to $400 price
range. I'd pay $100+ for one, but nowhere near $400.

And, like Sellam says:

>A little more if it comes with the original Apple ][ Reference manual
>Red book) and the BASIC programming manual (the Blue book).
>If it has a 13-sector disk controller, a little more.

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