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Date: Mon Aug 21 17:34:26 2000

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Date: Monday, August 21, 2000 1:14 PM
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>The machine being described does NOT sound like a PS/1!
>It sounds like a PCJr.

PCjr was 8088, early 80s and was very funky compared to the PS/2
and later PS/1s.

>Did the PS/1 have a 5.25" drive (other than external)?

No external, it was internal.

>Did the PS/1 have a "power cube"?

No, internal PS.

>Did the PS/1 have a chiclets keyboard?

Nope, standard external PS2 (smaller din connector)

>Did the PS/1 have joysticks?

No, it was aimed at business users.

>The PS/1 came after the PS/2, and may or may not be OT. Some thought
>it was IBM backing down from MCA.
>Anybody in the SF bay area who would like some PCJrs? PS/2s? Don't
>me bring a big pile of stuff to VCF!
>Grumpy Ol' Fred
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