A reason to hit ARC, etc.

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Aug 22 18:28:03 2000

ARC is a charitable organization in Colorado that operates a number of
thrift stores. It's the Association of Retarded Citizens or some such.
I've had really GOOD luck prospecting there.

I once got a Trantor model 348 parallel to SCSI adapter there for $1.50.
I've gotten plenty of handy gadgets there, some for computing, some for
other purposes. I got a set of speakers I now use in my bedroom there. I
got a number of quite useful monitors, printers, and other useful items
there. A typical PC/AT is priced at $9.95 without keyboard and monitor. A
typical PC/AT Keyboard costs $5, and a typical VGA monitor costs $10.

The last time I saw a Microvax (complete with terminal and graphics
workstation monitor) it was $20. I got the monitor for free when I helped
the guy carry the uVax out to the dumpster.

They were also kind enough to take ten daisywheel printers and a dozen or so
terminals off my hands when my friend who was storing them for me sold his
storage building. I later learned that a month after not selling even one
of these, they tossed the lot. I believe that's their practice. After a
month, it goes into the dumpster.


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> Betraying my ignorance, but what's an ARC?
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> > At one ARC in Colorado Springs (prices in dollars in parenthesis):
> > VAXstation 2000 (6)
> > the TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 front end programs for the '11 in the system (3)
> > An HP-150 (which I am kicking myself for not buying even though it was a
> > year ago! 6)
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