OT: Re: Windows CE (was future classic)

From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_eskimo.com>
Date: Mon Aug 28 06:00:38 2000

> What the hell is Windows ME? Windows MistakE? FWIW Windows CE is now
> offically dead. I guess Billy Boy is going to try and pull another fast one
> on us and try to convince us that now we need to spend more money and buy
> his new and improved OS.

CE is not dead (trust me, every day I test software for it at work).
Microsoft's Web site also mentions that CE 3.0 just became available.

If you are talking about that "PC Powered" hoopla, that was a slimy
marketing move (picking a new name for the same old stuff -- MS is very fond
of that maneuver). It was not a slimy engineering move, which would have
been much worse. Microsoft seems to have decided that it was a bad idea
because I don't think they're using the term these days. They probably want
people to forget it ever happened.

They _do_ have something called NT Embedded but I don't know anything about
it (my company works with it, but it's a different part of the company).

-- Derek
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