Your planned visit

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Mon Aug 28 09:31:53 2000

Bon jour Hans,

> Apologies, this was supposed to have been a provate message to John
> Zabolitzky

Well, at least I you're still alive :)

Maybe you don't remember, but a long time ago we
talked about Thomson Home Computers (TO/MO...),
and you agreed to look a bit around for some.
Did you sore anything ? I'm still interested
in them, any shape (although I realy love to
see a brand new in a box system :). As you may
remember I'm searching for a Thompson system for
an American friend.

If you already have some computers/systems when
John leaves, he may bring them to munich. He'll
also pay your expenses.

Anyway, have a great day.


BTW: Do you plan to revise the CCC list ?

VCF Europa 2.0 am 28./29. April 2001 in Muenchen
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