Windows CE and an OT rant

From: Gary Hildebrand <>
Date: Tue Aug 29 09:55:22 2000

Hello Paul

On 28-Aug-00, you wrote:

  snip snip
> And on an OT note, in the name-change vein, what brain trust
> decided that we should call AT&T Labs "Lucent Technologies" or
> take the long-respected brand name of Hewlett-Packard
> Instruments and start calling them "Agilent Technologies", a name
> that I haven't heard pronounced the same way twice, or again
> taking the universally-recognizable brand name of Ameritech
> Cellular and renaming it to the mouth-deforming "Verizon
> Wireless", a name which, until I finally saw it in print, I had no idea
> how to spell much less look up on the web. Apparently they
> anticipated that, since they registered every domain name based
> on variations of "Verizon" and routed them all to the home page....

A new coat of paint covers a multitude of rust spots . . . .
> </rant>
> Paul

Marketing says a new name has new connotations . . .

Gary Hildebrand
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