OT: Philips "Easy-Connect" modem

From: Richard Erlacher <richard_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Aug 29 08:47:27 2000

I know this isn't what we're here to discuss, but I was wondering if anybody uses or has experience with a Philips 56K-flex "EasyConnect" modem.

The woman who lives next-door to my Mom, and has for the past 40+ years is a virtual shut-in due to her dependence on oxygen due to her advanced emphysema from years of smoking, an her computer is an important source of outlet and outside-world contact for her. I recently replaced her hard-disk for her, having installed this entire system, bit-by-bit, over a number of years, and it has worked remarkably well until recently. I installed her hard disk and reinstalled the Windows95 (no update to '98 because the OSR-2 version of '95 worked so satisfactorily for her) and everything works beautifully EXCEPT the MODEM.

This model is a Plug-N-Play modem, and slid in effortlessly when I first set it up for her, but her motherboard is not a plug-n-play type of board. It doesn't attempt to go out and manipulate the devices that are out there in order to configure the interrupts and port locations. I'm curious whether anyone has had to solve this sort of problem before and has a solution. I've tried everything I could think of and have had no luck at all. Any reasonable suggestions are welcome.



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