Recycle that old computer!

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Tue Aug 29 14:42:04 2000


Hey, they are not wrong - most 'modern' (read Taiwan/PC)
Computers _are_ an environmental problem. It's a bit
like with classic cars - Between 1900 and 1955 have been
less cars produced, _worldwide_, as we discard now within
two years. And the numbers are still climbing.

The same I think is true for computers - I guess that
Taiwan builds nowadays more computers within one year
than Commodore did during their 18 years - including
the smash success C64.

And as with the cars, it's unlikely that even the
absolute number ob preserved Pentium Machines will
ever reach the number of preserved 8 Bit machines.
Even less the relative number will be relevant.

So Computers are realy an environmental problem.


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