My Interpro 2430 Works now !

From: John Honniball <>
Date: Wed Aug 30 07:21:51 2000

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000 01:25:03 +0200 Sipke de Wal
<> wrote:
> Since about a month I am the proud owner of an Interpro 2430 with a
> Kryptonite C400 ClipperCPU . It's a fully working system with a
> 21" Colordisplay, 32Mb RAM, 400MB SCSI HD, Ethernet, Floppy
> and a double framebuffer. Tonight I got the beast up and running and
> circumvented the root password. Yoooopiiii
> But I have no manuals, no CD, or other valuable information.

I acquired a Clipper manual just yesterday, along with much
other assorted miscellaneous stuff (including a High Level
Hardware Orion microprogramming manual). It's just a
manual for the Clipper CPU, I think.

John Honniball
University of the West of England
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