DEC VR260 Monitor Problem

From: <(>
Date: Wed Aug 30 12:49:20 2000

> Partial vertical collapse. For a start anyway.
> Not familiar with the circuit, but likely culprits are electrolytic
> capacitors in the vertical output stage,
> or possibly the vertical output transistors themselves.
> > The only thing I'm sure about is that the VCB01, cable and VR260 all
> worked
> > when I stuck them in storaage about 3 years ago.
> Sounds like dried up caps. Id the vertical stage, and change all the
> electrolytics in the area.

Ugh, I was afraid of something like this. Sounds like this system just got
shoved to the backburner until I get everything else settled into the new
apartment. Fun. Well, it's another excuse to buy a decent soldering iron
as I've now got two pieces of equipment I need to do soldering on. All in
all, yuck!

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