VAX/VMS V5.5-2 Memory Requirements

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Date: Wed Aug 30 19:09:24 2000

> Run with 8mb, at 4mb it's going to be slow! If the VR260 is out use a
> terminal
> line, you can still run DECwindows later (or not).
> Allison

But slow is the idea believe it or not :^) The idea is to have it slow
enough that any improvements are noticable, so I'll start with 5MB, and bump
it up to 9MB if that's to bad. Part of the idea is also to have DECwindows
running so I'll be giving fixing the VR260 a try. I'd been running this
system without the VR260 using a terminal because I didn't have space for the
monitor, would't you know it now that I do...

Besides for fast I've got the PWS433au w/320MB RAM running V7.2 :^)

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