Recognize a mystery Nixdorf machine ?

From: Jarkko Teppo <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 00:34:47 2000

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 01:38:25PM +0200, Hans Franke wrote:
> Well, this is a Nixdorf 886x system (maybe a 8870, but
> I don't think so). More specific it seams to be an BNC4
> system as used in banking environment BNC stands for
> Banking Network Computer - these have been designd to
> solve communication issues within the NCN Architecture
> (Nixdorf Communication Network). These machines have
> been build from the early 80s until two or three years
> ago (development lasted until 1995).

Hmm... banking. That would mean Cobol and IBM. Juuuust great.
What kind of an OS were these running ? I did a quicky web-search and
came up with a bunch of CV's, some stuff from computerwoche (which
seemed nice, unfortunately I know only two German words and they
weren't included) and some stuff in Spanish.

> Your machine shows an typical BNC structure
> Upper Row:
> Cassette Tape Drive
> Two Disk Drives
> Lower Row:
> Power Supply
> 3 Leitungscontroller (Linecontrolers?)
> Diskcontroller.
> I assume the Leitungscontroller have been used for
> X.25 connections (Still _way_ common in financial
> instalations).

Okay, where do you attach the terminals ? I hope they're just
standard RS-232 stuff, although I might be able to fetch some
Nixdorf terminals if I have to.

> More Details are only available when you look at
> the various tags along the boards

I'll do that and post the information back here (though it
might take a while)

> So, where do I have to pick up my papukaijammerki ?
> And even more important, do I get a washing machine
> for these 10 points ?

Hmm.. for the papukaijamerkki (papu=bean, Kaija=name of a woman, merkki=
sign/sticker, papukaijamerkki=parrot sticker. The joys of a synthetic
language with 15 cases) you can go here:
(don't ask me what copacabanaclub is. I don't know)

You can pick up the washing machine from Vaasa, Finland. Unfortunately
it tends to boil over (let's see: I can fix a computer, I'm handy with
programming and digital design but a washing machine ? That's some
deep voodoo magic!)

Anyway, thanks for the info!
Jarkko Teppo
Received on Thu Aug 31 2000 - 00:34:47 BST

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