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From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 02:19:07 2000

        I'm having trouble moving around in the garage, and finding places for all
the stuff I've gathered. I think it's time I moved some of it, especially
considering that my interest in radio is growing faster than my interest in

        FOR STARTERS: Please consider the following to be available. LOCAL PICKUP
ONLY as most items are large and heavy. I'm in Kent, WA, southeast of Seattle.

        SMS-1000 PDP-11/73 clone. In great shape, with full tech manual (including
schematics). I may even be able to find a pair of mating rack slides to go
with it. Boots up, was fully operable when pulled from a working system two
years ago, in (protected) storage with me since. $40/or best offer? High?
Low? Insane?

        HP 7586B 8-PEN DRAFTING PLOTTER: Beautifully made high-precision device.
Fully operational, if a bit noisy when drawing. Has both serial (RS232) and
HPIB interfaces. Used to be my primary unit until I acquired my HP
DraftMaster SX+ today. ;-) I think I may have a partial copy of the 7586's
op/service manual. Such is no longer available from HP.

        I'd like to get some kind of cash for this since it's still in great
shape. Shall we start at $50/or best offer? High? Low? Somewhere in the

        BIG SCSI RAID CABINET: This is a retiree from a Tandem/AT&T system. Has a
whole bunch of Seagate 'Wren' series 1.2 gig single-ended SCSI drives in
their own carriers. The cabinet itself is beautifully made, heavily
EMI-shielded, and has its own built-in battery backup supply.

        Here's the kicker: Even though I re-strapped both AC power supplies for
120VAC operation (it was set for 240), I can't seem to get the silly thing
to do more than light the green 'OK' LEDs on the power supplies. The drives
don't spin up, so I'm thinking some sort of control signal is required that
I don't have a clue how to apply.

        This one's a bargain at $10.00. But you've gotta cart it out of here! Best
done by removing all the plug-innable stuff. The cabinet then becomes light
enough for one husky person to move reasonably well.

        EXABYTE 8200 WITH PERTEC INTERFACE: That's right, folks. This one's a real
head-scratcher. It's an 8200 in a custom enclosure made by Contemporary
Cybernetics of VA. (out of business now, I think) around 1990. It contains
a Pertec-to-SE/SCSI bridge board, and it also has a nice two-line
alphanumeric display to let you know what the drive's doing. Native
capacity would be 2.3 gigs.

        Condition: Seems to work, at least through basic power-up. I don't have a
system set up with a Pertec controller at the moment, so I can't test it
fully. However, I have cleaned the heads, and the drive itself seems to be
fine with loading a tape. Asking $20/offer?

        NOTE: You'll need a pickup truck or cargo van to haul the plotter. I would
really not recommend carrying it lying down... it was meant to travel
standing on its (well-castered) legs.

E-mail me if you'd like location information for such.

        Thanks for looking at least. ;-)

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