Semi-OT: EPROM/PROM/PAL/.. programmer recommendations

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Aug 31 20:11:52 2000

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>Because we are a little OT anyway, I like to take the chance and ask ;-)
>What is the " best" programmer, one can buy this days ?

        "Best" is a highly relative term.

        How much do you want to spend?

        How complex a device do you want to be able to program?

        I got lucky a few years ago when I got a Data I/O 'UniSite' system.
They're great units, but upkeep (software updates) are hideously expensive
(around $1,200/year). That's why I always made it a point to leach a copy
off friends who had access to similar systems at work.

>I like to program the old (2716, ...) and the new stuff.

        The UniSite will program back to the 2716, and just about anything that is
programmable these days. It's pin-driven, so getting it to program
something new is a simple (for Data I/O's programmers) matter of writing a
new algorithm.

        For more hobbyist-friendly (read: much less expensive to maintain) units,
I've heard good things about Needham's and American Reliance.

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