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From: Neil Cherry <ncherry_at_home.net>
Date: Fri Dec 1 07:36:11 2000

Iggy Drougge wrote:
> John Foust skrev:
> >I'm sure Chuck will jump in here, but certainly Java can run
> >on very small processors such as the Java Ring or the Pilot,
> >which isn't far from the average 68000. As part of yet another
> >business I administer, www.ezsweep.com, I routinely run
> >three Java instances in DOS windows under Win95 on a P-75
> >with 16 megs, so there. :-)
> But what does Java entail in this case? In its purest form, Java is a
> programming language which may be compiled for your processor of choice. In
> this case, it will run on most everything. Then there is Java bytecode, which
> is compiled for an imaginary Java processor which is emulated on your host
> system. Then we have the entire application kit used for writing applets, with
> libraries and lots of functions, compiled into bytecode and rendered into a
> web browser window. This is where it gets troublesome not only for the
> processor, but also due to lack of the entire set of libraries required.

Java runs on the Palm Pilot (I have a PIIIx). I'm not sure if it's byte
compiled or not.

On my Linux box I run Java apps which do not use the browser at all.
They just pop up in X (I also have code that runs via the CLI). It still
requires quite a few libraries either way.

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